Creating an open methodology for developing and testing Industrial Controls Systems (ICS)

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Project goals

ICS Testing and Development Methodology

Open-source and transparent methodology for development and testing of Industrial Control Systems. See our wiki page with a methodology structure and sample of research, which needs to be done. Inspired by open-source methodologies for testing of web applications our goal is to provide testing guide for security auditing of ICS. But Securea goes further so the methodology consists of following parts:

  1. Open source ICS Testing Guide for security auditing available online
  2. Security Recommendations and Best Practices for ICS developers
  3. Tendering Handbook for Setting of ICS Security Requirements

Platform for research of ICS security

As a research platform SECUREA delivers solutions for weak parts of automation systems which represent potential security threat. Along with the core research also education, publications, events, creating awareness and sharing information will belong to SECUREA activities too.

Community of partners accross the ICS spectrum

SEUREA is a platform for close cooperation of:

  • Companies using ICS
  • Developers of ICS hardware and software
  • Service and maintenance providers
  • Security professionals
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